The project is being developed on Minister’s Hill in Bridgton, Maine. Henge Lab uses principles of ancient geometry to reveal a fundamental synchronicity which reappears, not only in the external environment of Nature’s systems and structures, but also in features of human awareness. The project is rooted in the idea that patterns arising from the innate mechanisms of meaningful perception were unintentionally replicated in the signs of language and the modeling of information. The organizing principles underlying these patterns are found both in Nature and in the earliest artifacts of the emergence of the symbolic mind.

This project represents the culmination of a lifelong (37 year) exploration of the patterning of the signs and systems of human communication, and their relationship to various phenomena of Nature which employ these same principles of patterning. For more information, visit: MichaelWinklerArt.com and read the articles, “Poetry of Zebras”“New discoveries should reopen the discussion of signs”

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