Henge Lab



The project uses principles of ancient geometry to reveal a fundamental synchronicity which reappears, not only in the external environment of Nature’s systems and structures, but also in features of human awareness (see About Page).


Scale model of Henge Lab’s circular configuration of stones. The project is based on a henge of 26 stones. The stones illustrate the relative location of the 26 letter-points of a circular alphabetic configuration which is used to produce ‘word-generated imagery’. This same configuration of 26 stones also aligns with celestial events occurring at the site (see mock-up below).





An illustration of a ‘word-generated form’ drawn within the configuration of letter-stones. The spelling of the word ‘AWARE’ is inscribed in the scale model of the alphabetic henge (see below).




To produce the word-generated forms, a rigorous process is used. The letters of the Roman Alphabet are treated as a circular configuration of 26 letter-points (illustrated by the 26 stones). The design of the alphabetic configuration is based on a symmetry of vowels. When lines are inscribed which interconnect the letter-points according to the spelling of words, abstract forms are produced.


Lexicon from a 2017 work titled “TRACED” which illustrates a statement of ‘word-generated forms’ (spelled-forms). All variations in form result entirely from spelling because the configuration of alphabetic points is fixed or constant. The unique spacing of the alphabetic points is based on a symmetry of vowels (see lower left of image)


In Henge Lab, the stones are not only positioned at the exact location of the 26 letter-points of the alphabetic matrix, those same 26 stones also align with celestial events at the site (on Minister’s Hill in Bridgton, Maine). The GPS graphic below illustrates how, on the day of the Summer Solstice, the relative positions of the stones (shown using an enlarged alphabetic configuration) also mark the exact direction of sunrise (point ‘H’ on the green line) and Sunset (point B on the red line). Point R’ on the yellow line shows the South to North azimuth at Solar Noon on the Solstice—the sun’s rays will be traveling North, focused directly at the zero/360 degree point (point ‘E’) at Solar Noon. The stones also align to celestial events in the night sky. This type of alignment between the relational foundation of our innate or intuitive patterning of symbolic phenomena and the timing of celestial events supports Carl Jung’s idea of universal ‘Synchronicity.’





An illustration of the location of the henge using Google Earth images of the site on Ministers Hill in Maine.



See the ‘Project Update’ Page for information on development of this work in progress. And see the ‘About’ Page to learn about past works from which Henge Lab evolved.